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    4GB DDR3 SO DIMM PC3-12800L, Low Voltage for Notebooks

    4GB DDR3 SO DIMM PC3-12800L, Low Voltage for Notebooks
    4GB DDR3 SO DIMM PC3-12800L, Low Voltage for Notebooks
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    Contrary to popular belief, server memory is not created equal. Kingston invests in the quality of its modules, resulting in high performance, stability and long-term reliability with Kingston Value RAM.

    Kingston Value ram Memory

    Kingston is an ideal source for industry-standard server memory. Kingston Value RAM memory is designed to JEDEC specifications and is ideal for in-house and white box servers and for those who know the exact technical specifications of the memory they need.

    Kingston Value RAM is made from quality components and backed by rigorous testing and Kingston’s engineering expertise, comes with technical support and reliability.

    Why Choose Kingston

        Superior quality - Kingston qualifies all components and tests modules at every stage of production

        Convenience - Kingston provides a complete range of memory solutions for thousands of systems

        Reliability - Commitment to using high-quality components and to 100 per cent testing makes Kingston memory reliable

        Expertise - Kingston is involved in the DRAM process from the dicing of the wafer to encasing the integrated circuits and from assembling the module to testing the finished product

    Selecting the right memory for your server is as important as using the right memory manufacturer. Kingston server memory is designed to be ultra-reliable. If you know the exact technical specifications you need, then Value RAM is right for you, if you are upgrading an OEM system look at Kingston’s System Specific Range.

    Note: Please always check the compatibility with manufacturer before purchasing this DRAM module. Certain motherboards may not be compatible with this product and the user should always check system compatibility on the manufacturer's website.

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