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    Africa's Finest Ground Ogbono

    Africa's Finest Ground Ogbono
    Africa's Finest Ground Ogbono
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    Africa’s Finest Ground Ogbono is the seed of a common African fruit known as bush mango. Ogbono is usually used in soups and stews , is very flavoursome and has endless health benefits. It is very popular amongst celebrities for aiding in weightless. At Honesty Sales we take pride in providing the very best African products, finest quality at great affordable prices. We hope you enjoy your product!

    Note: Most Of Our HP Laptops and PCs are HP Renews.  

    HP Certified Renew Product = HP Certified Quality

    HP Renew products are guaranteed to be exactly the same as a brand new product. All HP Renew products undergo a complete HP remanufacturing and testing process, fully restoring them to meet HP certified standards. HP sets strict quality standards for its entire technology portfolio, and ensures that remanufactured products offer the same performance and reliability as new products.

    These items are delivered in sealed HP packaging with all original protective film and accessories included.

    Full HP Warranty

    HP Renew products are covered by the exact same warranty that is offered with new retail HP products. These products are only given the full original warranty after passing HP's stringent quality tests, guaranteeing HP quality and reliability. Additional service and support options are also available to complement the original HP product warranty.

    Great Value for Money

    HP Renew products offer the same reliability and performance as new HP products, but for at least 10% less than the cost of the equivalent new product. If you have a limited IT budget, HP Renew is the perfect alternative – high quality solutions at a lower cost.

    Why Buy HP Renew?

    HP Renew Grading

    Grade Gold 

    Look as new, no difference. Comes with full HP Warranty, unlike curries, pc world, carphone warehouse etc which use cheap 3rd party Warranty. All Grade Gold HP Renews comes in original retail boxes.

    Grade Silver  

    Look as new no difference. Comes with full HP Warranty, unlike curries, pc world, carphone warehouse etc which use cheap 3rd party Warranty. They come come in brown boxes.

    Grade Bronze 

     Look as new no difference but with slight cosmetic marks, comes with full HP Warranty, unlike curries, pc world, carphone warehouse etc which use cheap 3rd party Warranty. They come in brown boxes.

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