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Brand: Appetitissime Model: B1015139
The convenient Ceramic Chef Pan cookware (5 pieces) consists of 1 saucepan, 2 pots and 2 glass lids. With this excellent and elegant cookware you can prepare the most delicious meals in a comfortable way. Ceramic Chef Pan brings you this practical high-quality set that is indispensabl..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 12637
We present the Cook Yolk & Juice mixing glass with juicer! Includes manual juicer-yolk separator, allowing you to juice, separate, beat and mix. It also has a lid so the freshest and most natural juices and milkshakes can be carried and drunk anywhere.Made of plasticCapacity: 300 mLApprox. ..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 5716
Eat more healthily with the help of the Fatnetizer fat magnet! It attracts fat floating on the surface of stews and soups instantly like a magnet. Very convenient, practical and easy to clean. It must be cold, so it must be put in the fridge for some hours before use. Fatnetizer is a must in any kit..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 1636
Introducing this innovative and useful Fizzaver drink dispenser. You can use it to serve your drinks imitating hospitality professionals. The Fizzaver drinks dispenser is very easy to use. Simply screw it in the bottle of the selected drink and there you go.Features of the F..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 5995
With the Icy Joy mini ice cream maker, all you have to do is add your favourite ingredients, press the button, and the paddle will mix all the flavours together, turning them into a healthy and delicious home-made ice cream. This practical ice cream maker is a must for your kitchen and takes up hard..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 20969
If your family loves homemade juice and ice cream, and you like making them yourself at home, then the Juicy Joy Juice and Ice Cream Machine with Handle is perfect for spending time together while enjoying the best juice and fruit-based frozen treats. All you have to do is turn the handle!1 ice crea..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 13595
If you love meat and like to cook it gently, the Love Meat Tender meat tenderiser should be among your kitchen utensils. With this meat tenderiser, it will be easy to make it free from annoying stringy fibres and prepare it for cooking, keeping all its essence and flavour. Exclusive design and ergon..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 34480
Combine originality and efficiency in your kitchen decor with the Multi Tool Fruit Cook Color stackable kitchen utensils! An original and decorative plant, comprising of several indispensable kitchen stacked utensils, in order to save as much space as possible: bowl, small juicer, big juicer, grater..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 18721
Make the healthiest shakes with the powerful The Nutri·One Blender Plus with recipe book. Thanks to its easy-to-use design and power, you'll be able to make yourself the healthiest shakes, juices, slushes, cocktails, etc. Its power and ease of use make it unique on the market, since you can get all ..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 13454
If you want to give your accessories a touch of fashion, don't miss the OH!H2O A6 bottle. With a cosmopolitan and unique design, these bottles are the perfect accesories to make your friends' jaws drop.Made of ASApprox. dimensions: 11 x 19 x 3 cmCapacity: 350 mL..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 17417
Are you lazy when it comes to ingesting liquid? With the Only H2O Smart Mug you'll have no excuse not to rehydrate regularly. Smart Mug will switch on by itself 2 hours after having been drunk from or 2 hours since it has been last illuminated. At night the mug is switched iself on by..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 13452
Cook delicious meals with the Presto! electrical pan (30 cm)! This multipurpose pan allows to cook delicious meals quickly and comfortable. You'll be able to fry, stew, grill... Besides, it is ideal for preparing pizzas, paellas and omelettes.Non-stick ceramic coveringAdjustable thermostat with 5 po..
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