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    You now have great rest within your reach, with the Cecorelax active charcoal memory foam pillow!Made with a memory foam centre and active charcoal particlesDischarges static electricity during the day, creating an antistress effectAdaptable and elastic: optimum support for neck vertabraeBetter hygi..
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    Enjoy your rest with the Cecorelax memory foam latex pillow! Made with memory foam and latex materialsGreater adaptability, softness, firmness and elasticityFeeling of weightlessness: alleviates pressure on the shoulders and allows for optimal restSpongy and sturdy supportSensitive to body temperatu..
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    Get the rest you deserve with the Cecorelax memory foam mattress (28 cm thickness)!Highly resilient orthopedic memory foam mattressAnatomical and springyCloud effect: distribution of pressure points, maximum relaxation and better circulationFirm, elastic and consistently maintains the correct postur..
    Brand: Cecorelax Stock: In Stock
    Don't go to sleep without the Cecorelax memory foam pillow!Made with 100% memory foam continuous laminateIt adapts to the body contour avoiding pressure, stress and neck problemsMaximum ergonomics: optimal position of the neck and headAloe vera treatmentComplete flexibility, comfort y freshnessRemes..
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