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    Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture Mentholated 150ml (Case of 6)

    Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture Mentholated 150ml (Case of 6)
    Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture Mentholated 150ml (Case of 6)
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    Effective relief of troublesome chesty coughs. Non drowsy. For chesty coughs. Expectorant. Levomenthol Squill Tincture Liquorice Liquid Extract Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture Mentholated relieves the symptoms of chesty coughs and sore throats.


    Active ingredients per 5ml: Levomenthol 4mg, Squill Tincture 0.6ml, Liquorice Liquid Extract 0.125ml,Also contains: Ethanol, Sucrose, Glucose, Glycerol (E422), Sodium Parahydroxybenzoates (E215, E219). Alcohol 7.7vol%, Sucrose 1.53g per 5ml

    Prepare and Use

    Important: Peel here & read all text inside Before use. Shake the bottle. Take the solution by mouth. Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: Take 1 or 2 x 5ml spoonfuls every 4 hours if required. Children 5 - 12 years: Take 1 x 5ml spoonful every 4 hours if required.

    Storage Information

    Max Temp °C 25


    MA holder and manufacturer: Thornton and Ross Ltd., Huddersfield, HD7 5QH, UK.


    Type Bottle

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