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Cushions and covers

Cushions and covers

Stop looking and choose Edwin & Margaret! In our wide and complete catalogue you’ll find original, eye-catching cushions and covers for home decoration.

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Glow Pillow Heart LED Pillow

Give your home a loving and romantic touch with the Glow Pillow heart LED pillow! A heart-shape..


Glow Pillow Star LED Pillow

Discover the light up pillow that will fascinate children and grown-ups alike - the Glow Pillow star..


I Love My Home by Homania Cushion-Tray for Laptop and Tablet SOLD OUT

I Love My Home by Homania Cushion-Tray for Laptop and Tablet

Discover a great invention that will make your life much easier, the I Love My Home by Homania cushi..


LED Lighted Glow Pillow

Buy LED-Lighted Glow Pillow at the best price. This LED-lighted Glow Pillow is very useful and pract..


Pillow Cases with Messages

Buy Pillow Cases with Messages at the best price. If you find your pillows boring, now you have the ..


Retro Radio-shaped Decorative Anti-stress Cushion

Give a retro-style touch to comfort and relaxation at home with this Retro Radio-shaped Decorative A..


Usa cushion by Loom In Bloom

If you want to add a touch of originality to your home, you will do so with usa cushion by Loom In B..