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Electric Scooters

Buy our electric scooters at the the best prices of the market. At Edwin & Margaret we are are sellers of a high quantity of electric products; visit our website and discover our incredible prices.

Brand: Bitblin Model: V0100374
Move quickly and comfortably around the city with the Electric Hoverboard Bluetooth Scooter with Rover Droid Stor 190 Speaker! A very practical intelligent mini electric scooter that you can use to test your balance.Made of ABS, rubber and polycarbonateLithium battery: 4400 mAh2 recha..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100543
The practical and modern InnovaGoods Gadget Tech electric Hoverboard is perfect for getting around quickly and conveniently! An electric scooter that's fashionable to use anywhere! Made of ABS, aluminium and rubberLithium battery: 160 WhOn/off buttonBalance indicatorCharge level ..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100672
We present you the new InnovaGoods Gadget Cool Hoverbike for the Hoverboard, with which you can easily transform your electric scooter into an electric bike, providing you with more stability and riding comfort! Made of aluminium and PVC 2 pneumatic wheels with a 6' rubber layer (approx. 15 cm) Com..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0101070
We bring you the new best-selling InnovaGoods pack. Get your InnovaGoods Gadget Tech Hoverkart + Hoverboard pack now! An electric scooter and the perfect seat to achieve maximum comfort and greater stability. Features of the InnovaGoods Hoverboard electric scooter: Made of ABS, aluminium and rubber..