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Cushions and covers

Cushions and covers

Stop looking and choose Edwin & Margaret! In our wide and complete catalogue you’ll find original, eye-catching cushions and covers for home decoration.

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Cats and Dogs Cushion

You love animals and your home decoration lacks something related to that? Then, the cats and dogs c..


Cats and Dogs Draught Excluder Cushion SOLD OUT

Cats and Dogs Draught Excluder Cushion

We're sure you've noticed air coming in under a door or window at home more than once! With the Cats..


Glow Pillow Heart LED Pillow

Give your home a loving and romantic touch with the Glow Pillow heart LED pillow! A heart-shape..


I Love My Home by Homania Cushion-Tray for Laptop and Tablet

Discover a great invention that will make your life much easier, the I Love My Home by Homania ..


Loom In Bloom Enjoy & Happy Magic Mermaid Sequin Cushion

Give an original gift and surprise someone special with the Loom In Bloom Enjoy &..


Loom In Bloom Love & Heart Magic Mermaid Sequin Cushion

Surprise someone special with the Loom In Bloom Love & Heart magic mermaid sequin cush..


Loom In Bloom Party & Relax Magic Mermaid Sequinned Cushion

If you'd like to decorate your home in your own original style, then allow us to present the elegant..


Loom In Bloom Star & Heart Magic Mermaid Sequin Cushion

If you're looking for an original gift to surprise someone special, you'll love the Loom In Blo..


Usa cushion by Loom In Bloom

If you want to add a touch of originality to your home, you will do so with usa cushion by Loom In B..


Wagon Trend Flamingos Cushion

Decorate your home with originality with the Wagon Trend Flamingos Cushion, currently very popular o..


Wagon Trend White Cushion SOLD OUT

Wagon Trend White Cushion

If you like to follow the latest trends in decoration, make room in your home for the Wagon Trend wh..


Wild Life Loom In Bloom Magic Sequins Mermaid Cushion

If you want to decorate your home with a lot of style, we bring you the unusual Wild Life Loom ..