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Electric frying pans

Electric frying pans

Buy discount electric skillets that we present in this section of Edwin and Margaret’s catalogue! We bring you the easiest, most practical way of cooking with these high-quality skillets,

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Princess 162367 Electric Pan SOLD OUT

Princess 162367 Electric Pan

Choose quality appliances for your kitchen and get the unique and powerful Princess 162367 electric ..


Tristar PZ2963 Electric Pan SOLD OUT

Tristar PZ2963 Electric Pan

Prepare your most original and delicious culinary creations with the amazing Tristar PZ2963 electric..


Tristar PZ2964 Multifunctional Electric Saucepan 40cm SOLD OUT

Tristar PZ2964 Multifunctional Electric Saucepan 40cm

Do you want a multifunctional electrical appliance which you can cook all sorts of food with? With t..