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    Houghton Hams

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    Allergy AdviceRecipe No nutsIngredients Cannot guarantee nut freeFactory No nutsIngredientsPork Leg,Salt,Stabilisers (Triphosphates, Diphosphates),Sugar,Yeast Extract,Dextrose,Antioxidants (Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Citrate),Preservatives (Sodium Nitrite),Natural Flavouring,Made with 100g of Pork per..
    Brand: Houghton Hams Stock: In Stock
    "THE TASTE OF THE COUNTRY". Succulent slices of Ham ideal for Sandwiches and Salads.IngredientsPork (85%),Water,Salt,Sugar,Stabilisers: (E451(i), E451(i) & E450(i)),Sugar,Dextrose,Flavour Enhancer (E621),Preservative: (E250),Antioxidant (E301),Acidity Regulator (E331(iii)),FlavouringNutritionPER..
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