HP Renew, As Good As New.

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HP Renew -The HP Renew Program is a worldwide strategic initiative that’s specially designed to offer a large discount on current technology to companies and individuals who are looking for great hardware for a better price. With an extensive portfolio of fully remanufactured, high-quality HP products backed by their original warranties, HP Renew offers this alternative to help you extend both your HP portfolio and your IT budget. Only products that have been through HP’s rigorous, nine-step refurbishment process are offered through HP Renew.

  Save 25-79% Through this program!

HP Renew Products have been restore to original hardware specifications by HP certified technicians and are sourced from cancelled or duplicated orders, customer returns (often unopened or “no trouble found”), overstocks and demo pool.  All these products are factory sealed and come with a 1-3 year HP factory warranty.  We ship to anywhere in the U.K and International.

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