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    Mashed Potato Powder | Flour 1.5KG

    Mashed Potato Powder | Flour 1.5KG
    Mashed Potato Powder | Flour 1.5KG
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    We've selected and graded the finest quality potatoes to make our mash potato.

    Every potato is peeled and steam cooked to keep its natural flavour. 

    We haven't added any artificial colours or flavours and our Mash is suitable for vegetarians.

    If you want it extra fluffy just a pinch of baking powder before adding water.

    Just add hot water or milk to make your perfect Mash.

    Ideal as an accompaniment to any meal or as a topping on a shepherd's or fish pie, for making Pounded yam or any dish.

    It is also the perfect store cupboard solution - great for any mash potato-based recipe like fish cakes or hash browns. Quick and easy- just like home-made!

    Made from real potato, Natural flavourings,

    Suitable for vegetarians

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    TypePotato Powder
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