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Model: G2000143
If you want to keep fit exercising at home, the Abdominator abdominal trainer is what you need. With this apparatus you'll work out the upper, lower and oblique abdominals with no worry of neck injury since the effort is done using only the abdomen. It features wheels to transport it. It features: 1..
Model: J0500172
With the cooking basket with handle, you can fry, steam cook, boil, rinse and strain food, etc. This multifunctional metal grid basket is very comfortable and versatile. You can easily store it anywhere, since it's foldable. Dishwasher safe. The handle doesn't get hot while using. Approx. diameter: ..
Model: I3505222
Listen to music with the Fountune speaker. Simply connect it to a computer, mobile device, or MP3. Includes one USB cable and one 3.5 mm audio jack. The speaker also has a multicolour LED light and anti-slip feet. Made of plastic. Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 11.5 x 28 cm. Power: 4 W...
Model: J0500182
Do you want to surprise your children with a simple but fun and original gift? The magic egg with animal is perfect for the children in your house! Simply immerse it in water for some hors and see the little animal crack the shell. Once it has broken the shell, it needs to stay in water for a couple..
Model: J0500190
If you're an unconditional 'La Roja' fan, then buy the Spain T-shirt! Anywhere in the world, the supporters of Spain's national football team will wear the national colours and will cheer for their team during the most exciting international competitions. This 2010 world champions T-shirt is comfort..
Model: J0500169
Now you have the chance to keep all your cards organised! With the Spanish Flag card holder you can add a fun touch to your bag or briefcase, and you'll be the envy of your friends. Ideal as an original gift. It features a closing system. Approx. dimensions: 11 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm. Made of plastic...
Model: J0500212
If you're a fan of cycling, don't leave home without the speaker for bikes! Includes adjustable support for positioning it on the handlebars, USB cable -3.5 mm jack for recharging it, and SD card (2 GB) for copying the music you want to listen to. Specifications: +volume/-volume and forward/back bu..