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Vibrating Belts and Electrostimulators

Were you looking for a cheap vibrating and electrical stimulation belts? In this section you’ll discover a wide range of electrical appliances to stay in shape, and you can also buy them discount.

Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100837
Get perfect abs with the new InnovaGoods Sport ElectroGym  electro-trainer abs patch! Thanks to its advanced technology with low frequency signals and its design that has been specifically adapted to the abdominal area, this is a very effective method to get firm and strong abs. With several in..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100946
Achieve perfect abs effortlessly with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym Extra Large vibrating belt X! A comfortable, fast and simple way to improve your figure. This abdominal belt is very effective at firming up and toning muscles effortlessly, reducing body fat and strengthe..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100952
Exercise your body effortlessly and achieve an enviable figure with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym muscle electrostimulator tonify - one minute a day equals hours of exercise! This simple and effective system of muscle electrostimulation activates the motor nerves, causing the muscles to ..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100865
The new InnovaGoods Wellness Care TENS pain relief machine is the best solution for the relief of pain and tired muscles! Enjoy the multiple benefits of this effective low-frequency electro-stimulator, perfect for looking after your body!  Made of PVC On/off button 4 electrodes (appr..
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