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    Vibrating Belts and Electrostimulators

    Were you looking for a cheap vibrating and electrical stimulation belts? In this section you’ll discover a wide range of electrical appliances to stay in shape, and you can also buy them discount.

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    If you like taking care of yourself, you can now exercise and tone your muscles with the revolutionary Elektrainer Blast electro-stimulator patch! Specially designed for the waist, arms and legs. A simple and effective method based on the stimulation by low frequency electric shock (20 Hz). This fle..
    Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
    Get perfect abs with the new InnovaGoods Sport ElectroGym  electro-trainer abs patch! Thanks to its advanced technology with low frequency signals and its design that has been specifically adapted to the abdominal area, this is a very effective method to get firm and strong abs. With several in..
    Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
    We present to you the InnovaGoods Fitness Electrogym muscle electrostimulator pulse! Suitable for the stomach, chest, back, lumbar area, knees, elbows, arms (biceps), glutes and legs (calves). Made of ABS Comfortable, compact design Easy to use 10 intensity levels 10 speed levels 8 programs 4 elect..
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